Virtual consultations for Invisalign® and braces in Germantown

Virtual consultations are really helpful for people with demanding schedules or for times when there are unforeseen circumstances.

Be worry-free as Getman Orthodontics offers virtual consultations for Invisalign® and braces in Germantown.

So, how will this virtual consultation for Invisalign and braces services work? You need to provide a few pictures and details through text messaging. You only need to include your name, your birth date, and if you have queries or comments regarding your current smile.

Prepare your mouth photos

In preparing your photos, you can use your camera or smartphone to capture your mouth from different views and angles. You can take the picture yourself, or you can ask a friend or family member to take it for you. If you have someone who is willing to help, it will be easier for you to stretch your cheeks.

The first photo needed is a picture of your mouth in front view. To take this photo, simply smile and stretch your cheeks as wide as you can. If you have a friend to take this picture for you, you can use your fingers to widen your cheeks.

The second photo that you have to take is the left view of your mouth. To do this, look at the right side, smile, and pull the left part of your cheek. The third photo is the right view of your mouth. To take a photo, just do the same steps you did for the left view to your right cheek.

For the fourth and fifth photos, you need to widely open your mouth. Tilt your head backward and capture the fourth photo. Tilt your chin down so that you can take the fifth photo more easily.

You can use your camera’s flash or good lighting in a room to get clearer pictures. Remember that you only have to show your mouth and not the whole face in your photos.

Wait for the Doctor’s recommendations

Now that you’ve taken your picture and sent it with some information needed through text messaging, it’s time to wait. Dr. Getman will be in charge of Invisalign and other orthodontics services. He will advise us to forward the best choice for you, whether it’s Invisalign, braces, retainers, or expanders.

If you have further questions or comments, you may schedule your free in-person consultation with us or contact us. Help us help you get that perfect smile. Submit your virtual consultation photos today! Learn more about orthodontics in Germantown and Arlington, Tennessee, on our blog.